The Civil Process Section is responsible for the service and execution of all civil processes originating out of the judicial system. These processes include: property seizures summonses, evictions, writs, temporary probate orders, protection orders, FiFas and condemnations.


Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office- Civil Unit
100 East Courthouse Square
Cumming GA 30040



Civil Unit Information:


The eviction process begins at Magistrate Court, not at the Sheriff’s Office


You will need to complete a form called the Application for Writ of Possession.  This begins the “Eviction Process”

Forsyth County Magistrate Court

Forsyth County Magistrate Court Contact – 1090 Tribble Gap Road, Cumming   Ga   770-781-2211


Landlord Tenant Handbook

This Handbook is designed to answer common residential landlord-tenant questions. The information in this Handbook does not apply to commercial or business leases. The facts determine the proper solution to each problem. Because the facts of each case are different, the answers contained in this Handbook are given in general terms and may not apply to your specific problem.

While this publication can be helpful to both landlords and tenants, it should not be a substitute for professional legal advice. This Handbook contains information on Georgia landlord-tenant law.  Before relying on the information in this Handbook, the underlying law should be independently researched and analyzed in light of your specific problem and facts.

In Georgia, there is not a governmental agency that has the power to intervene in a dispute between a landlord and tenant to force one or the other party to behave in any particular manner. A landlord or tenant who cannot resolve a dispute on their own would need to use the courts, either directly or through a lawyer, to enforce their legal rights.

A single copy of the Handbook is provided free of charge. The Handbook is also available on the internetat the Georgia Department of Community Affairs Website, under Publications, and at



Court Orders

The Sheriff’s Office does not accompany citizens to a residence to remove property without a court order that states that you may remove property with the assistance of the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office.

Forsyth County Clerk of Court

See below for what the Duties of the Clerk of Court Office are.


General Duties and Responsibilities of the Clerk’s Office

Adoption Filing and Processing
Appeals Filing and Processing
Arrest Warrant Filing and Processing
Civil and Domestic Court Filing and Processing
Criminal Court Filing and Processing
Deed and Property Recording
Family Violence Filing and Processing
Fine & Fee Collection and Disbursement
Garnishment Filing and Processing
Jury and Grand Jury Management
Lien Recording
Notary Public Certificates and Management
Plat Recording
Records Management and Security
Soldiers Discharge Recording
Trade Name Registration
Transfer Tax and Intangible Tax Collection
UCC Recording


Civil Division Fees for Services

We accept cash or check or money order – No credit cards

For the services of the Sheriff in civil cases, the following fees shall be charged:

Please include a Sheriff’s Entry of Service, the summons, a S.A.S.E and check or money order made out to Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office. The fees are

(1) Serving copy of process and returning original, per copy/address/defendant…… $ 50.00.

(2) Action from another county, to be paid in advance…………… $50.00
(3) Summoning each witness/subpoena……… $10.00

(4) Each levy or writ of Fieri Facias…… $50.00
(5) Search and return of Nulla bona for a Fieri Facias……. $20.00
(6) Serving summons of garnishment or rule against garnishee…….. $50.00

For the eviction process, once a Writ of Possession has been issued from the Courts, the fees are
(11) Serving process against tenant over or intruder upon land to dispossess them…… $25.00
 (12) For dispossessing tenant or intruder……………………… $25.00


Important Telephone numbers


For TPO’s – Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office Victim Advocate (Domestic Violence) (678) 455-8458

For TPO’s – Family Haven Battered Women’s Shelter 24-Hr. Hotline (770) 887-1121

Forsyth County Magistrate (770) 781-2211

Solicitor General’s Office (770) 781-2145

Civil Unit Main line       (770) 781-3091

Civil Unit Supervisor    (678) 455-8485