Address- Forsyth County Jail

202 Veteran’s Memorial Blvd.

Cumming GA 30040



The Detention Center was originally constructed in 1976 with a maximum housing capacity of 72 inmates. An addition to the facility was constructed in 1997 bringing the total housing capacity to 134 inmates. .  In 2009, 93 additional bunks were added by replacing many two-person bunks with 3-person bunks, thereby increasing capacity (but not increasing space) to 227 bunks. Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office is excited to announce the construction of our new Detention Center.   The population here in Forsyth County has since grown by 160,000+ people. So, the need for a new facility was many years past due. In 2011 the SPLOST VII Program was approved for a new jail and courthouse and a date was set for the opening of our new facility in December 2014. Our new facility can accommodate 608 inmates with the ability to add additional space as the population demands.

On Monday, July 8, 2013 local and state officials, staff, community members and guests gathered in downtown Cumming for a groundbreaking ceremony for Forsyth County’s new courthouse and jail. In September, 2015, the new Forsyth County Jail was opened and is now operational.

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Bonding Companies

Below is a list of bonding companies that are authorized to provide bonding services at the Forsyth County Adult Detention Center. This list is in alphabetical order and no attempt is made to promote any particular bonding company.

  • 24/7 Best Bonding – 770-888-4585
  • 24/7 Fly Free, LLC  –  770-887-3337
  • Bad Luck Bail Bonds  –  770-888-2862
  • Forsyth Bail Bonds  –  770-889-9995
  • Jailbusters Bail Bonds  –  770-888-6837
  • L and W Bonding Company  –  770-889-3915
  • Lone Wolf Bonding Company  –  770-888-3838
  • One Call Inc.  –  770-888-8447

Sheriff’s Office personnel are not allowed to give out the names and telephone numbers of bonding companies. It is a violation of state law and Sheriff’s Office policy to make recommendations, give advice, or become involved in any way with the bonding process. Please do not call the Detention Center for names and phone numbers of bonding companies. Detention Center Personnel have been directed not to give this information out, but to refer callers to the Sheriff’s office Web Site, and the Local Phone Book.

Cash/Credit Card Bonds

You may now pay a cash bond with a credit card by logging on to or by calling 888-726-6301.



Visitation is conducted on Saturday and Sunday from 8:00 am until 7:30 pm. Each inmate is given an opportunity to sign up for one 40 minute slot on Thursday, Saturday or Sunday. It is the responsibility of the inmate to notify the person(s) he or she would like to see. Sheriff’s Office personnel are not allowed to release visitation hours for specific inmates. Please see the inmate handbook for complete visitor regulations. If any visitor regulation is violated, that visitor will be asked to leave the premises and the visitation will be concluded.



The following programs are available to inmates at the Forsyth County Detention Center.

G.E.D. Program

Volunteer church services

Alcoholics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous

To participate in the G.E.D. program an inmate should forward a written request to the director.


Inmate Handbook

The following links are provided as a courtesy to those that may have family members or friends incarcerated in the Forsyth County Adult Detention Center. The rules and regulations contained herein are not all-inclusive and may be changed at any time without notice.
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VINE Program

Forsyth County residents have fast access to custody information on offenders throughout Forsyth County.  VINE (Victim Information & NotificationEveryday), an automated victim notification service citizens can be accessed 24 hours every day,either by telephone or via the internet. VINE provides an added level of protection because it gives everyone access to timely and accurate information on offenders in our county and throughout the State of Georgia. People calling (800) 398-2892 are asked to provide an offender’s name or booking number. After the system has provided the relevant custody information, it asks the caller if they would like to register to be automatically notified when the offender is released or transferred. Those choosing to register will be asked to provide a telephone and a four-digit personal identification (PIN), which they will later use to confirm the notification call. Live operator assistance is available around the clock for callers who have questions or require additional help. Once registered in the system, citizens can also go online at VINELINK.COM. VINE is definitely designed with the victim in mind and the system is very user-friendly. What makes it special is the automatic notification feature – as long as you’ve got a telephone o computer, you can receive an automated alert at anytime of the day or night. That kind of protection is critically important to anyone who is concerned about the whereabouts of an offender.