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Neighborhood Watch Program

One of the main goals of the Sheriff’s Office is to reduce the amount of crime to the citizens within Forsyth County. Clearly one effective tool to accomplish this goal is through the Neighborhood Watch Program. For the past four years the Sheriff’s Office has offered a Neighborhood Watch Program. Currently, there are over 150 neighborhoods that are either certified or becoming certified. The Neighborhood Watch Program is by no means a guarantee that crime will cease within a subdivision. It does however inform residents on how to reduce the chances from becoming a victim of a crime and also acts as a strong deterrent to criminals.

Once a neighborhood completes the certification process, signs are placed at the entrance to the subdivision to let potential criminals know that this neighborhood has an active neighborhood watch program. FBI statistics show that a subdivision that has an active neighborhood watch is 43% less likely to become a target of criminal activity in the area. However, Neighborhood Watch is not just about the signs, but the education process behind the program.

There is little we can do as citizens to proactively address a criminal’s desire and/or ability to commit a crime. However, there are easy steps we can take as individuals and neighbors to reduce a criminal’s opportunity to act. Through the Neighborhood Watch Program residents will have the opportunity to learn how not to become victims of crime. In addition to the presentations, residents are also informed of issues and precautions in their neighborhood and surrounding areas through an effective communication tree between the Sheriff’s Office and the citizens of Forsyth County. This will allow all residents who participate in the Neighborhood Watch Program to receive immediate information pertaining to possible crime in their area.

For more information about our Neighborhood Watch Program contact:

Corporal Page Cash 678-455-8501 or by email