Individuals with special needs encounter many situations involving public safety personnel. These situations can vary in intensity. Police may initiate a traffic stop or respond to a violent domestic situation, a firefighter may respond to a gas leak or to a burning house, and paramedics may administer assistance during an accident or medical emergency. Each of these situations are very stressful to someone who does not require special needs. To a person with a disability these situations could cause a flood of emotions and reactions that could be misinterpreted. They may seem confused, disoriented, and even violent. This could lead to a deputy, a firefighter or paramedic not being able to rescue or assist a victim because the individual is not comfortable. S.N.A.P.S. offers people with special needs an opportunity to meet these professionals in a relaxed environment. Attendees are able to interact on a personal level, participate in scenarios, or just watch and become more acquainted with public safety personnel.

Meetings are held quarterly and are typically at the Public Safety Training Center, 3520 Settingdown Road, Cumming, GA

For more information and to receive notification of the next meeting, please contact our Community Outreach Specialist, Sonya Camarillo, at

The meetings are open to the public with no RSVP necessary. Caregivers, members, and other public safety professionals are encouraged to attend. There are no fees to attend.