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There are three ways to bond someone out of jail. You will need to come to the Forsyth County Jail to complete the full process of bonding an inmate.  The bonding window is located inside the main lobby of the jail, located at the Veterans Memorial intersection. 


The three ways to bond someone out of jail are:


Approved Bonding Company: You can see a list of our approved bonding companies here. There is also a large screen mounted at the back of the jail lobby that displays approved bonding agencies. Please do not ask staff for a reference, we are restricted by law and cannot refer bonding companies. A representative from the company will meet you in the Jail lobby and guide you through the process. Please be aware, bonding companies are allowed by law to charge up to 15% of the total Bond amount, for their fee.


Pay with Cash: the Forsyth County Jail accepts cash only. Money orders, business checks, and personal checks are not excepted at the Forsyth County jail.

Property Bonds: for the real property with the Forsyth County, bring the property deed and most recent paid property tax bill to the Forsyth County jail. Persons listed on the deed must be present with a state-issued ID and taxes must be paid in full and up to date, to be used for bonding processes. Only real property will be used and the appraised tax value is all that will be considered chattel, such as a mobile home, which will be deducted from the overall assessment. The value of encumbered Equity must be double the price of the bond to be excepted.


If you reside outside of Forsyth County, you may use your property, but you will need to contact your local Sheriff's office. They will contact the Forsyth County Sheriff's Office for our requirements, process the bond, and then give you a sealed envelope. Do not open the envelope it must be sealed for us to accept the bond.


*Please be aware that property bonds may take several days to process. A deed search will be conducted and a lien will be placed on the property until the case is adjudicated.



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Through Securus Technologies the Forsyth County Jail provides inmate communications via telephone. To access this service you will need to create a Securus account. Please click below for more information and to sign up. 






Friends and family can order commissary items for an inmate through the Jail ATM website only. No other outside commissary packages are approved or accepted. Inmates who receive care packages ordered from friends or family members will only be allowed to receive one care package per week. Commissary orders shall be limited to a specific dollar amount, as determined by the Jail Administrator. Should you have a question regarding dollar limits, check with your housing deputy.

Money can be added to Jail inmate Commissary accounts in two ways: 

At the Forsyth County Jail: There is a kiosk located in the Jail lobby that accepts credit cards, debit cards, and cash deposits. 

Online: Visit the Jail ATM website, click "send money now" and follow the instruction. You must create an account if you do not already have one to access this system. 



Through partnerships with a great number of community volunteers, we are able to offer many programs to inmates at the Forsyth County Jail. These programs include, but are not limited to:

  • Church Services are available throughout the week. We currently have five denominations represented with over 120 volunteers. 

  • GED Program

  • Alcoholics Anonymous

  • Narcotics Anonymous

  • Transition Classes including Anger Management, Parenting Skills, Budgeting and Money Management, Listening Skills, Interviewing Techniques, How to Get a Job, 5 Lies The Ruin Relationships, How to Change For The Better, Becoming an R12 (Romans 12) Spiritual Person, The Place of Forsyth Project, etc. 



We also offer select inmates the opportunity to participate in our Pups with Purpose jail dog training program. This program partners inmates with rescued dogs from the animal shelter. Inmates are given an opportunity to provide care and obedience training to these homeless dogs during a 12-week class before the dogs are adopted out to citizens. This program enhances inmates' social and vocational skills while giving unwanted dogs a second chance. To learn more please visit the Pups with Purpose website. 


The Litter Detail Deputy coordinates with Forsyth County Clean and Beautiful for road clean up, establishing which areas and roads within Forsyth County have been reported as needing clean up. The Deputy supervises four inmates who perform county roadside trash removal.


After its inception in mid-2018, 855 bags of trash were collected and 88 roads were maintained in the first six months. 


The grant-funded RSAT (Residential Substance Abuse Treatment) program targets high-risk, high-needs offenders with a history of substance use as a crime producing behavior; providing them with the counseling and treatment they need while providing an opportunity to grow their skill set. FCSO offers the RSAT program, along with our community partners, in hopes of providing these men and women the opportunity to become healthier, productive members of our community once released from the jail.

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